8 Essential Things Your Las Palmas Estate Agent Does To Sell Your Property

Laura Las Palmas PropertySelling a Las Palmas property promptly and at a good market price isn’t all that complicated provided you do things right. Here’s what your estate agent should do when they take on your property.

By the way, if you’re wondering why working with an estate agent is so important in Las Palmas, please read this article.

Advise you on the right sale price

Property in Las Palmas is selling fast at the moment provided that the sale price is set within the right range.

At the moment, I see as many listed with the price too low as I do with the price too high.

As a professional estate agent, I study the local market and give you the right price range that guarantees that you’ll get the best return on your property.

Help to you to get your property ready for sale

Small things make a big difference when it comes to that all important first impression. The right impression boosts the number of offers you get and can even increase the sale price.

Since I show potential buyers around Las Palmas properties almost every day, I know exactly what they react and what to do to make your property sale-ready.

List your property with professional photographs

Listing a Las Palmas property with dark or badly composed photos really affects the final sale price because it limits the number of viewings and offers. Good photos, on the other hand, increase the number of viewings by up to 40%.

I use a professional photographer for every property I list and I know from experience that it makes a huge difference.

Get your property in front of every selling agent in Las Palmas

The biggest source of viewings for most Las Palmas property is other agents with buyers actively looking for the right apartment. That’s why it is essential to list your property with an agency that is connected to the island’s property databases.

Because I list my properties in the MLS shared database, the RE/MAX database and the main Spanish property portals, every agent in the city sees them (well photographed and described) and recommends them to their buyers.

It’s why most of the property I list sells within four months without the need to reduce the initial sale price.

List your property on local, national and international portals

The local estate agency network is a huge source of buyers, but national portals and international websites like Rightmove also bring in plenty of viewings. That’s why every property I list goes onto 15 Spanish portals plus international pages like Rightmove, and on my English-language website.

That’s why every property I list goes onto 15 Spanish portals plus international pages like Rightmove, and on my English-language website (you found it and so do lots of potential buyers).

Do viewings personally with every potential buyer

Buyers, and especially international buyers, always have lots of questions about the properties they view and the local area. Since I know every property that I list, I do all my viewings personally as nobody knows the property like the listing agent.

I recently sold a property to a buyer who only wanting bright, south-facing property, but he changed his mind when I explained that this isn’t always a good thing in Las Palmas due to the heat. He’s now the owner of a fantastic east-facing apartment that gets the light but not the heat.

Since up to 40% of property purchases in Las Palmas are made by foreign buyers, language is also an important part of helping them to feel comfortable with their decisions. I speak fluent English, Spanish and French, and always take a knowledgeable person to help me to communicate with buyers who speak other languages.

Help you with the paperwork and sales process

An agent’s work in Las Palmas isn’t all about finding a buyer. It’s also about making sure that a property has all the paperwork needed for the sale to go through, and about making sure that buyers have everything they need to complete a purchase.

Having your paperwork ready when you receive a firm offer is essential.

Go with you to the notary on sale day

Property sales in Las Palmas happen at a Notary and very few of them have staff that speak foreign languages. Having me with you throughout the process is invaluable as there are often small, last-minute issues that can cause delays if they aren’t addressed straight away.

No two property sales in Gran Canaria are the same and there is always something that comes up.

I’m Laura Leyshon and I’m Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s resident British estate agent.

If you have a property in Las Palmas and are thinking of selling, please feel free to contact me for a no-obligation chat about the process.

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