Beachwatch: Las Palmas Property’s Map of Top-Selling Properties


Laura Leyshon from Las Palmas property

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria real estate market is vibrant at the moment, especially in the sought-after Las Canteras beach area that I specialise in.

Lots of estate agents want to work in his area but very few have a long and consistent track record of selling beachfront apartments and penthouses.

To show beyond doubt that I am a leading agent in the zone I created an interactive Google Map that features every property I’ve sold in 10 years as a Las Palmas estate agent.

Mapping Las Palmas Property Success


The map goes beyond conventional marketing claims because it shows the actual properties I’ve sold. Rather than claim that I sell more in the area than any other estate agent, I can just show you all of them.

The map includes locations, photos and detailed information about each property. I hope this level of detail and transparency shows any potential Las Palmas Property buyers and sellers that I am demonstrably the best choice in the area.

A Decade of Helping Buyers and Sellers

Spanning over the last 10 years, the map showcases the consistent success achieved by Las Palmas Property. It features all the flats, apartments (blue markers) and penthouses (red house symbols) I have sold or helped to buy.

If you’d like any more information about my services, or want a chat about buying or selling a Las Palmas property, please feel free to get in touch. 

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