When Is The Best Time To Sell A Gran Canaria Property?

Las Palmas property: What is the best time to sell a Gran Canaria property?

A UK estate agency recently announced that the best day to list your property is March 17 because most properties in the UK sell in the summer. Here in Gran Canaria things are different; ideally, you want to list in the autumn to make sure your property is visible to winter buyers. 

Visits to for-sale property in Gran Canaria tend to peak during the winter months for two main reasons.

  • Winter is peak tourist season and many buyers combine their property hunting with a holiday.
  • Local buyers often invest just before the end of the tax year in December. Or they buy early in the tax year in January.

However, sales tend to peak in late spring as buyers who decided to buy in the winter get their mortgages approved and contracts are signed.

If you want to sell a Gran Canaria property, it’s best to have it fresh on the market during the winter season.

However, other factors affect saleability in Gran Canaria just as much as timing!

There are plenty of active buyers in Gran Canaria throughout the year and making sure your property gets as many viewings as possible is far more important than getting it online on a specific date.

Things like using a professional agent, getting it listed on a wide range of portals and getting professional photographs will make it far more likely to sell for a good price.

See my sales guide for detailed info on selling a Gran Canaria property Or just give me a call: I’m always available to help.

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