8 Essential Things Your Las Palmas Estate Agent Does To Sell Your Property

What to expect from your Las Palmas estate agent when you sell a property

What to expect from your Las Palmas estate agent when you sell a property

Selling a Las Palmas property promptly and at a good market price isn’t all that complicated provided you do things right. Here’s what your estate agent should do when they take on your property. [Read more…]

La Calidad De Vida En Las Palmas Esta Entre Los Mejores Del Mundo

La Calidad de Vida en Las Palmas es de los mejores del mundo

La Calidad de Vida en Las Palmas es de los mejores del mundo

Las Palmas tiene una de las más altas puntuaciones de calidad de vida de cualquier ciudad en el mundo, según el sitio web Numbeo.com.

Numbeo utiliza una amplia gama de factores para calcular su índice de calidad de vida, incluyendo …

Poder adquisitivo
Cuidado de la salud
Coste de vida
Precio del inmueble a la proporción de ingresos
Tráfico tiempo de viaje
Índice de contaminación

En general, las puntuaciones Las Palmas una Muy Alta 187.45, poniéndolo en la parte superior del 5% de las ciudades de todo el mundo. Puntua de forma muy alta en factores como la duración corta de los desplazamientos, asistencia sanitaria, baja contaminación, la seguridad y, por supuesto, el clima.

Teniendo en cuenta que Las Palmas tiene el aire más limpio de cualquier ciudad de España, el clima urbano más agradable en el mundo, y una de las mejores playas de la ciudad del mundo, la alta puntuación de calidad de vida no es sorprendente.

Sin embargo, la posición entre ls mejores ciudades de todo el mundo sigue siendo una excelente noticia.

La puntuación de las Palmas se compara favorablemente con otras ciudades en las Islas Canarias y España (165.67) en promedio.

Santa Cruz De Tenerife: 178,43
Málaga: 179.17
Valencia: 170.51
Madrid: 145.30
Barcelona: 128,61

De hecho, las únicas grandes ciudades europeas con una mayor calidad de vida Resultado de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria es Eindhoven en los Países Bajos. Edimburgo viene justo detrás de Las Palmas, con una puntuación de 186.02.

Otras ciudades de todo el mundo que superar por puntos a Las Palmas son ya famoso como grandes lugares para vivir Wellington, en Nueva Zelanda y Canberra en Australia.

Si quieres vivir en una ciudad calificado como uno de los mejores lugares para estar en el mundo, ya sabe a quién llamar.

Las Palmas City’s Quality Of Life Amongst World’s Best

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city offers world-leading Quality of Life

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city offers world-leading Quality of Life

Las Palmas has one of the highest Quality of Life scores of any city in the world, according to website Numbeo.com

Numbeo uses a wide range of factors to calculate its quality of life index, including…

Purchasing Power
Health Care
Cost of Living
Property Price to Income Ratio
Traffic Commute Time
Pollution Index

Overall, Las Palmas scores a Very High 187.45, putting it in the top 5% of cities around the world. It scores particularly high on factors such as low commute time, healthcare, low pollution, safety and, of course, climate.

Given that Las Palmas has the cleanest air of any city in Spain, the most pleasant urban climate in the world, and one of the world’s best city beaches, the high Quality of Life score isn’t surprising.

However, the fact that it ranks so close to the top of the list worldwide is still exciting news.

Las Palmas’ score compares favourably to other cities in the Canary Islands and Spain (165.67) on average.

Santa Cruz De Tenerife: 178.43

Malaga: 179.17

Valencia: 170.51

Madrid: 145.30

Barcelona: 128.61

In fact, the only major European cities with a higher Quality of Life score than Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Edinburgh comes just behind Las Palmas with a score of 186.02.

Other cities around the world that outpoint Las Palmas are already famous as great places to live: Wellington in New Zealand and Canberra in Australia.

If you want to live in a city rated as one of the best places to be in the world, you know who to call.

How To Find The Perfect Las Palmas Rental Apartment

Guide to finding a property to rent in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city

Most people who live in Las Palmas rent an apartment; the rental market is moving fast at the moment so here’s my guide to searching for a place to live in the city.

The Las Palmas property rental market is currently high on demand and low on supply. Finding a good place to live at short notice is pretty tricky, especially if you want to be close to Las Canteras beach.

There are a couple of good reasons for this…

The first is that most people, local and foreign, want to live in the flat part of Las Palmas close to the beach.

The second is that a lot of residential property is now being rented out as holiday lets; short-term rental was legalised in the city in 2015 and the market is currently booming.

Good news if you own a property, not so good if you want to rent one.

The cost of renting a Las Palmas Property

Studios and one-bedroom apartments close to the beach cost at least 600 euros per month and up to 750 euros, depending on location and on whether they have outside space. A two-bed place costs upwards of 900 per month and three bedrooms will set you back well over 1000 euros per month.

As you move back from the beach and up the hill, prices drop in line with the distance from the flat part of town. In the high parts of the city you can rent three bedrooms for 700 euros per month.

Tenants pay the owner a month’s deposit and the first month’s rent in advance. Some owners ask for two month’s rent as a deposit if their apartment is well furnished or if you have a pet.

In most cases, you don’t have to pay anything else. However, it is legal for the property owner to include clauses in the rental contract that make the tenant liable for the monthly community charge (for lift and communal area maintenance) and even the annual IBI property tax.

Your rights as a Las Palmas rental tenant

See this article for a full guide to your rights as a tenant in Las Palmas & Gran Canaria.

Finding a Las Palmas rental property

It’s almost impossible to find a long-term rental property in Las Palmas before you arrive. Flats rent out fast and owners are not willing to wait for a tenant who isn’t on the island.

So, I advise you to book a holiday let apartment for the first few weeks you are in the city or stay in a hostel, co-working space, or cheap hotel. This way you know you have somewhere to sleep (and an internet connection) while you look for a long-term place to live.

Most owners and estate agencies now advertise their rental properties on the internet on portals like Idealista and Fotocasa.

The portals are the best place to start looking and to get a feel for prices and availability. Check them regularly as good rentals don’t stay on the market for long these days.

Note that many rentals advertised on the portals are listed by estate agents.

Using an estate agency to find a rental property

If you are in Las Palmas and ready to move into a flat, having a good agent scanning for new rentals is a good idea; agents see the latest rentals before they go onto the portals.

Estate agencies in Las Palmas charge a month’s rent as commission when they rent out a property. This fee is paid by the tenant.

So, if you use an agency you have to pay out three month’s rent in advance; one for the commission, one as a deposit, and one in advance.

Las Palmas property rental hacks

Many older owners still don’t trust the internet so it’s always worth walking around looking for signs that say ‘alquiler’.

Also, some owners don’t use agencies and rely on word-of-mouth to rent their apartments so it’s always worth asking in local shops and bars.

The porters in big buildings often act as unofficial letting agents and know if anything is about to become available.

Another option is to scan holiday rental websites like Airbnb and ask owners if they are willing to let you rent long-term. Most owners with property close to the beach will say no, but you may be lucky if you target properties in residential areas of the city away from the sand.

The best months to look are in the slowest months for holiday lets; May, June and September.

If you want to rent a room rather than a flat, look in Facebook groups like Rent & Share Gran Canaria. It’s also worth checking noticeboards in language bookshops and academies, and even up at the University in Tafira.

Las Palmas Property

I’m Laura Leyshon, Las Palmas’ resident British estate agent. If you’re looking for an apartment to rent in the city, please feel free to contact me with the details.

Selling Luxury Gran Canaria Property: Going Beyond The Basics

Selling a luxury Gran Canaria property is about going beyond the basics and offering quality service to bother seller and potential buyers

There are main two parts to the process of selling a luxury Gran Canaria property. The first is getting the basics right. 

By the basics, I mean quality pricing, photography, descriptions, marketing plan, etc.

Sounds obvious, but the luxury market in Gran Canaria isn’t that sophisticated and high-value properties are often treated the same as standard apartments.

More about that later on. [Read more…]

Guide To The Main Luxury Gran Canaria Property Areas


Luxury Gran Canaria property area guide

As a RE/MAX Collection agent, I specialise in luxury Gran Canaria property. Here’s my guide to the main luxury Gran Canaria property areas and where to look for the island’s best villas, penthouses and grand old townhouses. 

Let’s start with the capital city with its world-class urban beach and cobbled old town. [Read more…]

Luxury Gran Canaria Property: Adding Value With Quality Service

Laura & Iraya: Luxury Gran Canaria property agents for RE/MAX Collection

Laura & Iraya: Gran Canaria luxury property agents

I’m very proud to be a RE/MAX Collection agent and one of Gran Canaria’s few specialist luxury property agents.  [Read more…]

Las Palmas Wins Path Award To Go With Blue Flag Las Canteras Beach


Las Canteras keeps Blue Flag beach and gains Blue Flag path

Las Canteras keeps Blue Flag beach and gains Blue Flag path

Las Canteras has long been a prestigious Blue Flag beach thanks to its clean water, easy access, facilities and Las Palmas’ commitment to preserving the marine environment (the whole beach area is a reserve).

Now, the 6KM+ walkway that runs from El Confital beach north of Las Palmas, all the way along the Las Canteras promenade and out past Las Arenas to the Mirador del Atlante sculpture has received a new award as a Blue Flag Path.

Blue Path awards only go to walking routes between Blue Flag beaches that contribute to the sustainable use of the beaches and surrounding area.

The entire walk takes a couple of hours and, this being Las Palmas, there are plenty of places on route to stop for a coffee or a cold beer. 

Supreme Court Ruling Legalises Bed and Breakfasts In Las Palmas

Supreme Court removes ban on B&B and room rentals in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city

Supreme Court removes ban on B&B and room rentals in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city

A Canarian Supreme Court ruling issued today (26/04/2017) has removed the restriction on renting a room in your property to tourists and opens the door to bed and breakfast-style rentals in Las Palmas. [Read more…]

¿Quiere Vender Su Piso Al Mejor Precio?

Como vender su piso en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria al mejor precio con agent inmobiliario Laura Leyshon

Como vender su piso en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria al mejor precio

¿Quiere vender en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

Me llamo Laura Leyshon y soy uno de los agentes RE/MAX más exitosas de España con ventas en la zona de Las Canteras en el último año.

Le ofrezco el servicio de venta más completo de Las Palmas con un trato personal y eficaz…

  • Promoción en portales internacionales, redes sociales y en mi página web ( hasta el 40% de compradores en Las Palmas son extranjeros)
  • Fotografía profesional de su inmueble gratuito (genera un 40% más de interés en internet)
  • Promoción intensivo en 15 portales nacionales y la red de RE/MAX
  • Promoción en la base de datos compartido de Gran Canaria (mas de 200 agencias profesionales)
  • Estudio de mercado profesional para fijar bien el precio de venta

Si quiere vender su piso en Las Palmas, no dude en llamarme para una consulta sin compromiso.

Laura: 608169845

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