Will The Las Palmas MetroGuagua Affect Property Prices?

Will the MetroGuagua BRT system affect Las Palmas de Gran Canaria property prices?

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s fast urban bus system, dubbed the MetroGuagua, should make travel across the city much faster once it is running in 2021. [Read more…]

Vendiendo En Gran Canaria: Dos Pequeñas Inversiones Le Pueden Generar Miles De Euros

Vender piso Gran Canaria: Consejos profesionales para ganar ma´s dinera cuando vende su inmueble

Si piensa vender un inmueble en Gran Canaria, querá obtener el mejor precio posible. Tal vez esté considerando un baño o una cocina nueva para aumentar el valor del inmueble.

Déjame detenerle allí mismo! [Read more…]

Selling A Gran Canaria Property: Invest In These 2 Things To Make Money


Selling a Gran Canaria property: These two small investments can add thousands to the value of your Gran Canaria property

If you’re selling a Gran Canaria property, you want to get the best possible price. Maybe you are considering a new bathroom or kitchen to boost its value.

Let me stop you right there! [Read more…]

Gran Canaria Property Market Healthy: Latest Figures

Gran Canaria property market: Steady property price rise in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands

Healthy rise in prices: Gran Canaria property market news

Property prices in Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands are rising steadily, according to Spanish Valuation Company Tinsa [Read more…]

Cómo Vender Su Inmueble De Lujo En Gran Canaria

Como vender un inmueble de lujo en Gran Canaria

Como vender un inmueble de lujo en Gran Canaria

No hay salsa secreta cuando se trata de vender un inmueble de lujo en Gran Canaria. Solo hay que hacer las cosas bien…

Es decir, si usted quiere vender su inmueble de lujo de forma puntual y a buen precio, es esencial tenerlo en venta con un plan de marketing activo y amplio.

[Read more…]

Living In Gran Canaria: A Guide By Laura Leyshon

Living Gran Canaria : My guide to moving to Gran Canaria, making friends and living happily ever after

My guide to moving to Gran Canaria as an expat or foreign resident is called Gran Canaria Living. It’s a useful guide to moving to the island, finding friends and settling into island life.

Over the last few years, I have written lots of articles about living in Gran Canaria here and for Gran Canaria Guru and Gran Canaria Info.

Articles like…

A guide to the best schools in Gran Canaria

How to get a Gran Canaria mortgage

The ultimate shopping guide to Las Palmas

I keep them all updated, but they are rather spread out. Several people told me that they weren’t finding the information they needed.

So, I decided to write a book with all the information in one easy-to-access place.

Here it is: Gran Canaria Living.

I’m Laura Leyshon and I’m a British estate agent living and working in Gran Canaria. I lived in Gran Canaria for over 15 years and work for RE/MAX Cony Overseas: One of the island’s most respected estate agencies.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about moving to Gran Canaria.

When Is The Best Time To Sell A Gran Canaria Property?

Las Palmas property: What is the best time to sell a Gran Canaria property?

A UK estate agency recently announced that the best day to list your property is March 17 because most properties in the UK sell in the summer. Here in Gran Canaria things are different; ideally, you want to list in the autumn to make sure your property is visible to winter buyers. 

Visits to for-sale property in Gran Canaria tend to peak during the winter months for two main reasons.

  • Winter is peak tourist season and many buyers combine their property hunting with a holiday.
  • Local buyers often invest just before the end of the tax year in December. Or they buy early in the tax year in January.

However, sales tend to peak in late spring as buyers who decided to buy in the winter get their mortgages approved and contracts are signed.

If you want to sell a Gran Canaria property, it’s best to have it fresh on the market during the winter season.

However, other factors affect saleability in Gran Canaria just as much as timing!

There are plenty of active buyers in Gran Canaria throughout the year and making sure your property gets as many viewings as possible is far more important than getting it online on a specific date.

Things like using a professional agent, getting it listed on a wide range of portals and getting professional photographs will make it far more likely to sell for a good price.

See my sales guide for detailed info on selling a Gran Canaria property Or just give me a call: I’m always available to help.

Selling Gran Canaria Property: The Hard Part Starts Once You Have A Buyer

Las Palmas Property: Making sure the sale goes through

The hard part of selling a Gran Canaria property often isn’t finding a buyer; It’s making sure that the sale goes through successfully.   [Read more…]

Gran Canaria Property News: New Holiday Rental Rules For 2018

Gran Canaria holiday let rule changes in 2018

The vivienda vacacional or holiday rental rules in Gran Canaria are still in limbo after the Canary Islands Supreme Court voided large parts of the 2015 law.

We were promised a draft of the new rules by the beginning of January 2018, but they still haven’t been released.

However, the Spanish tax authorities have announced new rules and they need to be followed from January 1st, 2018. [Read more…]

High-End Gran Canaria Property: What A Million Euros Buys You In 2018

High-end Gran Canaria property information from estate agent Laura Leyshon

A million euros is a decent budget for a high-end Gran Canaria property. It puts all but the largest penthouses, beachfront apartments and houses within your range.  [Read more…]