How To Buy A Beachfront Las Canteras Property

Laura Leyshin from Las Palmas Property

Beachfront Las Canteras property is amongst the most sought after anywhere in Spain. This is no surprise when you take into account the views and the fact that you can use it all-year-round.

Of course, you aren’t the only person who wants to find a property right by the beach in Las Palmas. Demand for Las Canteras property is high and the supply is limited; people who own them don’t sell them very often.

And these days, lots of beachfront apartments are rented out to tourists and earn a good income for their owners.

The cost of beachfront Las Canteras property

Frontline properties and those one street back with direct beach views start at 4000 euros per square metre (for a property in need of serious work). Prices go up for modern properties and exceed 6000 per square metre.

Smaller properties such as studios and one-bedroom apartments are more expensive than large one because you pay a premium for the location and the view. Properties with outside space, especially unroofed terraces, also sell for higher prices.

Las Canteras property sells fast so be prepared

With high demand and low supply, beachfront apartments overlooking Las Canteras beach tend to sell fast. I have several clients who are ready to fly out to Gran Canaria at short notice as soon as something suitable on the beach comes up.

I have several clients ready to fly out to Gran Canaria at short notice as soon as something suitable on the beach comes up.

The key to buying beachfront Las Canteras property is to have everything ready…

  • A reliable local agent checking the most recent listings and book appointments
  • 10% of your budget in cash so that you can transfer it quickly and make a legally binding deposit
  • All your paperwork ready and up-to-date
  • Mortgage applications made to several banks in advance
  • Flexibility to travel over and view when a suitable property comes onto the market

Check the paperwork carefully

Modern building regulations in Las Palmas are clear, but some older properties may have unregistered terraces (especially top floor properties). Most were created years ago and can be registered without any problem. However, local sellers don’t like doing their paperwork until they have a buyer interested. It’s just the way things are done here.

You have to see a recent Nota Infomativa from the property registry and compare that with the property. If there is a discrepancy, it is the seller’s responsibility to fix it and pay any fees before the sale goes through.

Note that outdoor spaces come in several different forms in Las Palmas. With most you buy the property and own the terrace and exclusive rights to use it. However, the communidad (tenants association) may own the terrace and you only own the exclusive right to access and use of your section of terrace (known as ‘uso y disfrute’). Some terraces are shared by everyone in the communidad, or by a certain number of the tenants.

It’s always worth checking that the communidad rules are clear and that your use of any outdoor space is registered in the statutes.

Buying a beachfront Las Canteras property hassle-free

Will your purchase be entirely hassle-free?

I’m afraid I can’t promise that as something always comes up. But, working with an experienced local estate agent who has seen it all before is a huge benefit when it comes to Las Canteras beachfront property. And since agency fees are paid by the seller, it doesn’t cost you a cent to work with an agent. More on that in this useful infographic.

You need someone on the ground looking after your interests, searching for new property (agents often find out about beach front property before it goes on the portals), and is there with you to make sure all the paperwork is done right.

Here’s a useful breakdown of the costs of buying a Las Palmas property.

As a professional Las Palmas estate agent, it’s my job to make sure you find the right property and buy it the right way. I look after your interests all the way through the process. Please feel free to contact me anytime for advice …

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