High-End Gran Canaria Property: What A Million Euros Buys You In 2018

High-end Gran Canaria property information from estate agent Laura Leyshon

A million euros is a decent budget for a high-end Gran Canaria property. It puts all but the largest penthouses, beachfront apartments and houses within your range.  [Read more…]

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Las Palmas Property Guide: Upmarket Property In Tafira

Tafira town is a suburban property area just a few minutes drive from Las Palmas city centre with a good mix of houses and luxury villas.

Tafira, just inland of Las Palmas city, is a desirable area for both locals and foreign residents. While it’s outside the city limits, the whole area is within the Las Palmas municipality.  [Read more…]

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How To Sell Luxury Gran Canaria Property: Beyond The Basics

Selling a luxury Gran Canaria property is about going beyond the basics and offering quality service to bother seller and potential buyers

There are main two parts to the process of selling a luxury Gran Canaria property. The first is getting the basics right. 

By the basics, I mean quality pricing, photography, descriptions, marketing plan, etc.

Sounds obvious, but the luxury market in Gran Canaria isn’t that sophisticated and high-value properties are often treated the same as standard apartments.

More about that later on. [Read more…]

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Guide To The Main Luxury Gran Canaria Property Areas

Luxury Gran Canaria property area guide

As a RE/MAX Collection agent, I specialise in luxury Gran Canaria property. Here’s my guide to the main luxury Gran Canaria property areas and where to look for the island’s best villas, penthouses and grand old townhouses. 

Let’s start with the capital city with its world-class urban beach and cobbled old town. [Read more…]

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Luxury Gran Canaria Property: Adding Value With Quality Service

Laura & Iraya: Luxury Gran Canaria property agents for RE/MAX Collection

Laura & Iraya: Gran Canaria luxury property agents

I’m very proud to be a RE/MAX Collection agent and one of Gran Canaria’s few specialist luxury property agents.  [Read more…]

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