Las Canteras Beachfront: Property Price Guide

The Las Canteras beachfront is a high-demand property area

The Las Canteras beachfront: High-demand property area

The Las Canteras beachfront is Gran Canaria’s most popular and expensive property area and front-line prices start at around 3500-4000 euros per square metre.

Demand from local, Spanish and foreign buyers is high and supply is tight; Good properties on the beachfront don’t come up often and sell fast.

Prices start at 3500 euros per square metre for a property with a beach view but little or no outside space and worked needed to bring it up to modern standards. Apartments and penthouses with large terraces or balconies command a premium, as do apartments with large bedrooms.

However, since you are paying a premium for the view, smaller beachfront properties tend to be more expensive per square metre than the base 3500 euros per square metre.

The truth is that demand is so high and supply so limited (nobody seems to want to sell their beachfront Las Canteras property) that pricing depends largely on the specs and quality of each property. Factors such as parking, lift, outside space, bedroom size, layout, terrace specs, etc. all affect the final price.

The recent increase in legal holiday rental properties on and around the beachfront has also affected the supply of Las Canteras property.

Given the limited supply and complexities of front-line pricing, we’d advise everyone looking for a Las Canteras property to use a quality estate agent of property finder. We walk the beachfront every week looking for new property signs, know most of the doormen, and monitor a dozen Spanish portals so we know virtually all of the front-line properties on the market.

If you want to own a property on the beachfront, please let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you the list of the latest properties on the market. 

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La Cicer: The Sporty End Of Las Canteras Beach

La Cicer beachfront in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

La Cicer beachfront in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

La Cicer is a long stretch of Las Canteras beachfront. It’s popular with surfers and has its own atmosphere.

The southern end of the beach has no protective reef so it gets bigger waves than the rest of Las Canteras. It’s popular with surfers and sporty types and is the most local section of the beachfront.

Property here is mostly apartments with balconies or large windows (many properties don’t have balconies as the locals don’t like the wind) but there are some large penthouses and flats.

Prices at La Cicer are slightly lower than at the southern end of the beach but are still over 3000 euros per square metre in most cases. The alternative to frontline La Cicer property is the Guanarteme barrio behind the sand. Most buildings here are only four or five storeys and there are real bargains to be had.

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La Peña: An Underrated Section Of Las Canteras Beachfront

The La Peña section of Las Canteras beach

The La Peña section of Las Canteras beach

La Peña is the beginning of the southern half of Las Canteras beach. It isn’t quite as in demand as the northern half because visitors have a mistaken idea that it is windier.

However, the La Peña area of the beach is still sunny and sheltered and doesn’t get the waves that you get around the corner at La Cicer. This is still very much the sunbathing section of the beach rather than the surfing zone.

La Peña has a good mix of properties with lots of one- and two-bedroom apartments with balconies and sea views, as well as some larger penthouse apartments. Calle Portugal is worth looking at as an alternative as it is just one street back from the beachfront and will eventually become pedestrian. There are lots of flats and apartments in the Guanarteme barrio behind La Peña and some real bargains.


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Playa Chica: The Little Beach With Big Views

The view from the Playa Chica property zone of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Playa Chica in Las Palmas

Playa Chica is right in the middle of Las Canteras beach and is basically a little beach in its own right.

Playa Chica is sheltered and sunny, and property here looks right out over the beach and towards Tenerife.

This is a high demand area as it is one of the most popular spots for Las Palmas’ winter visitors to gather. It has some of the beachfront’s best outdoor restaurants and is conveniently located for everything in the city and especially for Santa Catalina Square.

Prices at Playa Chica are a minimum of 3500 euros per square metre for anything on the front line. Outside space increases the price and prices vary considerably depending on the quality and location of each property.

The alternative is either the port district behind the beach, or the Santa Catalina area surrounding its famous square.



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Playa Grande: Beachfront Paradise With Las Canteras Views

The Playa Grande zone of Las Canteras beach

The Playa Grande zone of Las Canteras beach

Playa Grande is, as the name suggests, the longest stretch of Las Canteras beach and is the zone that always appears in the tourist brochures.

It’s also the area most popular with foreign buyers as it has the broad sweep of golden sand, the gorgeous beach views with palm trees and Teide volcano on the horizon. Playa Grande is quintessential Las Canteras beach.

While prices here are high (3500 euros per square metre and up for property with beach views), there is plenty of property in the area.

The alternative to frontline property here is the area of El Puerto district just behind Playa Grande beach. Here you have lots of apartments and flats all within easy walking distance of the beach.

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La Puntilla: Beachfront Properties With Superb Sea Views

La Puntilla at the northern end of Las Canteras beach

La Puntilla at the northern end of Las Canteras beach: On of Las Palmas’ most desirable areas

The northern tip of Las Canteras beach, known as La Puntilla, is probably its prettiest section thanks to the fishing boats on the sand, the coconut palm trees and superb views up the coast.

La Puntilla is one of Las Palmas’ most desirable areas because it is right by the sand.

Properties here are limited as it’s only a small zone. On the front line you get apartments and penthouses with sea views although not all buildings have outside space. The streets just behind the beach are residential with apartment buildings and even some old townhouses.

La Puntilla has some the city’s most popular outdoor restaurants, lots of bars and cafes, and all the amenities you need within easy reach.

Property prices in this area are high (over 4500 euros per square metres on the beachfront) as it’s one of the most desirable areas in the city and anywhere in Spain. Prices behind the beach start at around 2500 euros per square metre, less if the property needs significant modernisation.

Almost all La Puntilla properties have significant tourist rental potential because the area is in high demand throughout the year. Quality decor is essential as the holiday let market in Las Palmas is becoming highly competitive.

A good alternative is the area of La Isleta barrio just behind La Puntilla. Here you get a mix of townhouses, some over 100 years old, plus modern flats and apartments.

If you are interested in property in La Puntilla, you need to be ready to buy as property here tends to sell fast.

La Puntilla property area guide infographic by Laura Leyshon

La Puntilla property area guide infographic by Laura Leyshon

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Las Palmas Des Res: The Las Canteras Beachfront

Canteras Beach viewed from the promenade.The front line of Las Canteras beach is the most desireable and the most expensive property zone in Las Palmas and it’s easy to see why. With the vast Las Canteras beach right on your doorstep, dozens of cafes and restaurant to choose from, and all shops and conveniences of the city within walking distance, this is great place to own a home or a holiday place.

Prices in this zone start at over 3500 euros per square metre for an apartment with a terrace and sea views but supply is limited (owners don’t seem to want to sell very often) and demand for good property is high. There are currently properties on sale on the Las Canteras beachfront priced from 3500 euros per square metre up to 10,000 epsm (including an original Monet).

As a rule, small properties tend to be more expensive per square metre (you still get the view) and those with quality outside space also command a premium.

The Las Canteras beachfront is an area where it is worth having a reliable local agent monitoring the market for you. Good properties sell fast and pricing variable.

Here’s a detailed guide to the property zones that make up 3.5 km Las Canteras beachfront.

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