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Confidence In Canary Islands Property Market High For 2018

Confidence in Canary Islands property is sky high for 2018

Confidence in Canary Islands property is sky high for 2018

A survey of 900 real estate professionals, by the by the Spanish Property Valuation Association, found that the outlook for the Canary Islands property market is positive in 2018.

In fact, the survey found that the Canarian market was just behind top performer Madrid as the region of Spain with the best outlook for the coming year. It predicts that average property prices in Las Palmas city will rise by 5% in 2018, an acceleration when compared to last year.

The survey also measured affordability of property in the Canary Islands by comparing average incomes to the monthly costs of buying a property. It found that prices in the Canary Islands remain affordable; a good sign for the future of the market.

The Spanish property market now seems to be on the rise across the whole country as there are no longer any regions where prices are still dropping.

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I’m Laura Leyshon and I specialise in helping foreign property buyers and sellers in Gran Canaria. I’m always happy to answer any questions you have. Just give me a call or drop me an email.

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New Michelin-Standard Restaurant Gallery Planned in Triana

The Plaza de las Ranas in Triana

A colonial-style townhouse will soon house four or five smart restaurants offering food at or close to Michelin Star standards, according to La Provincia. [Read more…]

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Travel Direct From Las Palmas To Santa Cruz In 90 Minutes

The new Armas ferry is the fastest link between Las Palmas and Santa Cruz since the jetfoil

The new Armas ferry is the fastest link between Las Palmas and Santa Cruz since the jetfoil

You can now get from Las Palmas to Santa Cruz in just 90 minutes thanks to the new Armas ferry link between the two capitals.

It hasn’t been this quick to travel between the two capitals since the days of the Transmediterranea jetfoil (which stopped running in 2005).

The new Armas ferry connects Las Palmas direct with Santa Cruz

The Armas boat, a catamaran called Volcán de Teno, leaves Las Palmas twice every day at 07:40 and at 15.45.

Tickets for residents currently cost 9.90 euros each way. Buy them on the Naviera Armas website.

The Armas direct ferry competes with the Fred Olsen ferry based in Puerto de las Nieves in the north-west of Gran Canaria. The stretch between Las Palmas and the harbour is covered by bus (which leaves from Santa Catalina Square).

The Armas service is definitely more convenient than getting a bus then a boat with Fred Olsen, or getting down to the airport for a Binter flight.

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Los Alisios Mall Open For Christmas

Los Alisios shopping mall just outside Las Palmas at Tamaraceite

Los Alisios shopping mall just outside Las Palmas at Tamaraceite

The huge new Los Alisios shopping centre in Tamaraceite just east of Las Palmas is open to the public in time for Christmas.

Los Alisios is an open-air shopping centre with over 100 shops and 30 places to eat and drink (including a Starbucks). It’s an ambitious €150 million project, and many fashion brands have opened their flagship Gran Canaria stores on the site.

It’s the size of 33 football fields and is the largest shopping centre in the Canary Islands.

We went yesterday for a look around and it really is impressive because it’s all outdoors. The shopping area has wide paved avenues and feels more like an upmarket High Street than a mall.

It has a good mix of clothes shops such as Mango, Zara and Levi’s (full store list here), a big Hiperdino supermarket, 10-screen cinema, and some interesting-looking home furnishing stores such as Conforama. Upstairs has a KFC and plenty of other food choices including a couple of interesting-looking places that do Asian noodles.

There are also several novelty features like an LED staircase, interactive floor games, and giant interactive TV screens that keep the kids occupied.

To get to Los Alisios, either drive to Tamaraceite via the GC-3 road or take a yellow Las Palmas bus (lines 216, 229, 320 and 335). There are 2500 parking spaces under the mall. A taxi from the centre of Las Palmas will cost less than 10 euros each way.

While there was some cynicism about putting such a large shopping area out-of-town in Tamaraceite, I’d say that they have done a great job and that the design and choice of shops will make it a success. 

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Smoking Banned On Las Canteras Beach After Public Vote

Las Palmas citizens will soon be allowed to vote on whether to ban smoking on Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Should banned on Las Canteras beach after public vote

The Las Palmas Town Hall has announced that smoking is to be banned completely on Las Canteras beach after an overwhelming majority of voters opted for a ban. 

The vote, which took place online, was open to all residents over the age of sixteen. 75% of those who voted chose to make the each completely smoke-free. Just over 4000 people voted, out of a population of 330,000 people in Las Palmas city.

The ban is expected to come into force in October 2018 after local law changes and a public information campaign.


Cigarette butts currently make up 40% of the rubbish collected from Las Canteras beach and the ban will save the city €40K per year in disposal costs alone.

Source: Canarias 7

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New Rules To Ban Loud Music & Football Outside Las Palmas Bars

Las Palmas bars with outdoor tables face strict new rules

Las Palmas bars with outdoor tables face strict new rules

Las Palmas’ outdoor bars and cafes face strict new restrictions on noise after a raft of complaints from locals and neighbourhood associations. [Read more…]

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Supreme Court Architecture Judgement Costs Las Palmas Millions

Las Palmas property: Court property ruling to cost Las Palmas city millions

Court property ruling to cost Las Palmas city millions

The Canarian Supreme Court  has ruled in favour of property owners in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city.

The owners of the last holiday villa on the Las Canteras beachfront (where Franchy Roca meets the beach) argued that they were significantly out of pocket because they had lost the right to redevelop the site of the villa into a much larger building.

The Background: Back in 1989, the Las Palmas Ayuntamiento and Canarian Government decided that protecting the villa, built in 1900, was in the public interest. Its position has always been that the owners of historical and protected buildings were not due any remuneration.

The Court, the highest legal authority in the Canary Islands, agreed with the owners but did not fix the amount of compensation to be paid. It is likely to be in the millions due to the property’s location right by Las Canteras beach.

This judgement reinforces a similar one from 2016 that gave the owners of the Casa Roja at the end of Luis Morote street the right to seek compensation after their building was listed.

There are twenty owners currently involved in similar court cases and it looks like the decision to protect Las Palmas’ most emblematic homes is going to cost it dear.

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The Las Palmas Property In 2018: By Resident Agent Laura Leyshon

Las Palmas property in 2018: Market summary and buyer tips by resident estate agent Laura Leyshon

Within a month, our winter visitors arrive and my life gets hectic. So, while I still have the time, let’s look ahead at what to expect if you plan to buy a Las Palmas property in 2018.

[Read more…]

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Las Palmas City’s Quality Of Life Amongst World’s Best

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city offers world-leading Quality of Life

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city offers world-leading Quality of Life

Las Palmas has one of the highest Quality of Life scores of any city in the world, according to website

Numbeo uses a wide range of factors to calculate its quality of life index, including…

Purchasing Power
Health Care
Cost of Living
Property Price to Income Ratio
Traffic Commute Time
Pollution Index

Overall, Las Palmas scores a Very High 187.45, putting it in the top 5% of cities around the world. It scores particularly high on factors such as low commute time, healthcare, low pollution, safety and, of course, climate.

Given that Las Palmas has the cleanest air of any city in Spain, the most pleasant urban climate in the world, and one of the world’s best city beaches, the high Quality of Life score isn’t surprising.

However, the fact that it ranks so close to the top of the list worldwide is still exciting news.

Las Palmas’ score compares favourably to other cities in the Canary Islands and Spain (165.67) on average.

Santa Cruz De Tenerife: 178.43

Malaga: 179.17

Valencia: 170.51

Madrid: 145.30

Barcelona: 128.61

In fact, the only major European cities with a higher Quality of Life score than Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Edinburgh comes just behind Las Palmas with a score of 186.02.

Other cities around the world that outpoint Las Palmas are already famous as great places to live: Wellington in New Zealand and Canberra in Australia.

If you want to live in a city rated as one of the best places to be in the world, you know who to call.

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Las Palmas Wins Path Award To Go With Blue Flag Las Canteras Beach


Las Canteras keeps Blue Flag beach and gains Blue Flag path

Las Canteras keeps Blue Flag beach and gains Blue Flag path

Las Canteras has long been a prestigious Blue Flag beach thanks to its clean water, easy access, facilities and Las Palmas’ commitment to preserving the marine environment (the whole beach area is a reserve).

Now, the 6KM+ walkway that runs from El Confital beach north of Las Palmas, all the way along the Las Canteras promenade and out past Las Arenas to the Mirador del Atlante sculpture has received a new award as a Blue Flag Path.

Blue Path awards only go to walking routes between Blue Flag beaches that contribute to the sustainable use of the beaches and surrounding area.

The entire walk takes a couple of hours and, this being Las Palmas, there are plenty of places on route to stop for a coffee or a cold beer. 

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