Ciudad Jardín: Villas With Gardens In Central Las Palmas

The Ciudad Jardín of Garden City area is the only area in central Las Palmas where you’ll get a house or villa surrounded by a garden.

Developed by the British around the beginning for the 20th Century, Ciudad Jardín remains an upmarket property area, although there are some apartments and even a couple of condominiums within its limits.

Ciudad Jardín is right in the middle of Las Palmas but is a little short of places to shop and eat out. It’s largely residential and is popular with professionals who need easy access to the airport and the port.

Prices in Ciudad Jardín are high but you do get a lot for your money (trees, grass, etc) compared to more urban ares of the city. It’s a peaceful barrio with life going on behind fences and walls.

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Mesa y Lopez: Big Properties And Great Shopping

Mesa y Lopez, along with Triana, was Las Palmas’ main shopping area before the modern shopping centres opened.

Nowadays it is still home to the city’s El Corte Inglés department store as well as a great range of fashion stores.

Mesa y Lopez is a long street that runs east to west from the military base in the port almost all the way to Las Canteras beach.

The east end of the street, between the base and the Plaza de España roundabout, is the poshest area with most of the quality property. you get huge apartments with big windows in Mesa y Lopez and many buildings have interior playgrounds and underground parking.

Since  Mesa y Lopez is  great for shopping, convenient for the port and the road to the south and the airport, and within easy walking distance of Las Canteras beach, it’s a popular property area in Las Palmas. Prices, however, are not as high as you would expect and there are good value properties on the market.

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Alcaravaneras: Great Value Barrio With Its Own Beach

Alcaravaneras beach isn’t as long or spectacular as Las Canteras as it faces Las Palmas’ huge container port.

However, it is calm and sandy and great for sunbathing, swimming and beach sports; And it’s the local beach for one of Las Palmas’ best value property zones.

Alcaravaners is just to the south of Mesa y Lopez and is a sprawling area of low-rise apartment buildings and town houses. There are lots of properties here and some really good value to be found, including some lovely old houses with original features such as tiled floors and balconies.

Alcaravaneras is about 15 minutes walk from Las Canteras beach but is close to the Mesa y Lopez shopping stret nd the city’s biggest fruit and vegetable market. It hs some fantastic restaurants tucked away in its side streets.


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