Expat Happiness Tied to House Choice

Expats who are content in their home abroad are the happiest overall, according to a study by the US Interchange Institute. It found that if expats were satisfied with their homes they were more likely to be loyal to their employer and enjoy their life abroad.

The study did find that there is a significant difference between what working expats and trailing spouses valued about a house abroad: Working expats see location as paramount, while spouses tend to value home decor and comfort.

Overall people who choose open-plan homes are the most content as they break down barriers and encourage families to spend time together. The Interchange Institute advises expats to unpack family photos and personal items as soon as possible, and to make connections with neighbours quickly.

So, pick a good place to live, personalize it and make friends: At Gran Canaria Property we wonder whether anyone really needs a study to tell them that.

More on this story on the Telegraph website here.

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