No Nonsense Guide: Choose The Best Las Palmas Estate Agent

Laura Leyshon, leading Gran Canaria estate agent from from Las Palmas property

In the vibrant real estate market of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, selecting the right estate agent can make all the difference in ensuring a successful property transaction. As a seasoned and successful estate agent in the city, with a decade of experience, I understand the pivotal factors that set one agent apart from another. 

Let’s explore the real reasons why you should choose a Las Palmas estate agent…

1. Likability and international appeal

Your estate agent should be more than just a professional; they should be someone you genuinely get along with: Successful transactions often hinge on effective communication and collaboration.

Choosing an agent who has an amicable relationship not only with you but also with other agents and potential buyers from diverse cultural backgrounds ensures a smoother and more inclusive sales process.

Meet and interview several estate agents and choose one that you’d want to do property visits and complex negotiations with. Bear in mind that at least 45% of properties in the beachfront area are bought or sold by foreigners so languages and an international outlook are essential.

2. Proven track record in Las Palmas sales

When entrusting someone with the sale of your property, a crucial factor to consider is their track record. Has your agent demonstrated success in selling properties in your specific area? Do they possess an intimate knowledge of the local market and property values?

A successful Las Palmas estate agent should be able to provide concrete evidence of their past sales, showcasing their expertise and credibility.

For example, see my interactive map of all the properties I have bought or sold for clients over the last 10 years. And my Google Reviews.

3. Negotiation experience and skills

Negotiation skills are paramount in real estate. A reputable estate agent not only secures your listing without compromising their commission but also demonstrates the ability to negotiate effectively on your behalf. It’s essential to choose an agent who can navigate through offers, holding firm and representing your best interests even in the face of challenging negotiations.

In my experience, agents that win listings by cutting their commission from the start are rarely good negotiators. They just want a quick sale so then can move on to the next property as fast as possible. A good agent will instead focus on getting you the best possible value and reserve any commission reduction as a final negotiation strategy.

4. Unfiltered honesty

Selecting an estate agent willing to tell you the truth, even when it may not align with your initial expectations, is crucial. Honesty about the market conditions, pricing strategy, and potential challenges is a hallmark of a trustworthy agent.

A successful agent will provide candid insights to guide you through the sales process realistically, fostering a relationship built on transparency. They won’t just tell you want you want to hear to bag the listing.

5. A busy agent

Choose a busy estate agent, but not one overloaded with an excessive number of listings. A busy agent signals demand for their services, indicating they are well-regarded and trusted. However, an agent with too many listings may struggle to provide the attention each property deserves.

Look for an agent with a manageable workload, ensuring that your property receives the focused effort required for a successful sale.

In conclusion, selecting the right estate agent is a crucial step toward a successful property transaction in Las Palmas. Consider the likability, track record, negotiation skills, honesty, and work volume of your agent to ensure you’re partnering with a professional who will always have your best interests at heart.

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