Selling A Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Penthouse: Expert Guide

The combination of extra light, outdoor  space and low noise levels means that top floor Las Palmas apartments of all sizes attract far more buyers than equivalent properties on lower floors. 

Known as ‘áticos’, or ‘lofts’ in the case of top floor studios, Las Palmas Penthouse apartments are always in high demand

Selling a Las Palmas penthouse

I have something of a reputation for selling Las Palmas penthouse apartments as I focus on the luxury end on the market.

In the last two years, I’ve sold 15 penthouse and beachfront apartments for my clients. All sold for close to the real market value that I provided to the owners. Most sold within three months of going on the market.

If you are a Las Palmas ático owner, here are my tips for selling promptly and at a good market price…

 Reach buyers already looking for your property

South-facing Las Palmas penthouse apartment sold by Laura Leyshion in 2019

South-facing Las Palmas penthouse apartment sold by Laura Leyshon in 2019

Penthouse property buyers tend to be affluent and are looking for a property that enhances their lifestyle. They often have specific requirements and are willing to wait for the right property.

Most use an estate agent to keep an eye on the market and inform them about new properties. This is especially true of foreign and non-resident buyers who account for up to 40% of Las Palmas property purchases.

Even local buyers looking for an ático tend to work with their estate agent to pre-filter properties.

What this means is that quality penthouse apartments in Las Palmas often sell as soon as they go on the market.

I’ve had quality penthouse apartments sell within a few days of going on sale and at the market price.

Getting the price right

Las Palmas loft sold by Laura Leyshon in 2019

Las Palmas loft with large terrace sold by Laura Leyshon


Most property in Las Palmas is fairly simple to value. You multiply the square metres by the average price in the area and make adjustments for the condition, lack of lift, etc.

However, with Las Palmas áticos, getting the correct valuation is more art than science.

A correct valuation requires an in-depth look at the market and a comparison with all other penthouses on sale in the city. The condition of an ático, and the sensation it evokes when you first walk in, are also important considerations. Other factors include the orientation, outdoor space and the views.

Some price and desirability factors vary depending on the buyer. For example, local buyers are put off by penthouse apartments in older buildings without a lift. However, foreign buyers often don’t mind the stairs as long as they have a big terrace.

The potential for holiday rentals also affects the value, especially now that comunidades can stop new holiday lets in a building.

With so many factors affecting the market value of Las Palmas penthouse property, it’s vital to get a professional valuation right from the start.

For more info on the local market, read my guide to Las Palmas property 2020.

Factor in refurbishment costs

Las Palmas penthouse sold by Laura Leyshon in 2019

Las Palmas penthouse sold by Laura Leyshon


An ático is in an unrestored state with old electrical and water fittings will always sell for less than a modernised penthouse. The cost of a thorough redecoration, including electrical and water fittings and windows, is around 500-600 euros per square metre.

This cost can be factored into the sale price or the work done in advance. However, please consult a local expert before you invest in refurbishment as it is easy to waste money.

Show the property at its best

Unreformed Las Palmas penthouse apartments are best sold uncluttered


Quality architectural drawing show a Las Palmas atico's full potential

Quality architectural drawing show a Las Palmas atico’s full potential


Many Las Palmas penthouses go on the market unrefurbished and some without even basic tidying and staging.

Selling unrestored isn’t necessarily a bad idea as many buyers value the chance to alter layouts and decorate to their own taste. In these cases, quality architectural drawings help buyers to visualise the property in its final state.

Basic staging and decluttering is essential in penthouse apartments because first impressions of a space are vital.

Outside space is one of the main attractions of Las Palmas penthouses

Outside space is one of the main attractions of Las Palmas penthouses

Get your paperwork up-to-date

Most Las Palmas penthouse apartments, especially those built since the 1980s, have their paperwork in order at the Las Palmas town hall and the Spanish property registry.

However, older properties often need their paperwork updating.  It’s worth going to the trouble to legalise old modifications and clarify terrace rights and access in advance. This removes doubts from potential buyers’ minds and makes the sales process smoother.

Selling a Las Palmas penthouse apartment?

Las Palmas beachfront Penthouse sold in 2018 by Laura Leyshon

Las Palmas beachfront Penthouse sold by Laura Leyshon


I currently have two Las Palmas áticos on the market, with several more coming up. I also have a long list of buyers just waiting for the right penthouse to hit the market.

If you plan to sell a top floor property in Las Palmas, please get in touch for a free assessment and professional valuation. As well as a penthouse specialist, I’m been of Spain’s top-selling estate agents for several years in a row.


Beachfront apartment for sale in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Beachfront apartment sold by Laura Leyshon

Terrace of excellent value Las Canteras beachfront apartment for sale

Beachfront apartment sold by Laura Leyshon

Luxury beachfront apartment with terrace sold by Laura Leyshon

For Sale: Frontline Las Canteras apartment with beach views in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Beachfront apartment at La Puntilla sold by Laura Leyshon

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