High-End Gran Canaria Property: What A Million Euros Buys You In 2018

A million euros is a very respectable budget for a high-end Gran Canaria property. It puts all but the largest penthouses, beachfront apartments and houses within your range. 

High-end Las Palmas property

In Las Palmas city, a budget of around a million euros gets you a beachfront apartment or penthouse with a decent terrace overlooking Las Canteras (when one comes on the market). Or a large luxury penthouse with all-mod-cons anywhere else in the city.

Another option is a refurbished townhouse in Vegueta or Triana with the classic high ceilings and original features (from medieval to modernist depending on the area). Just outside the city, luxury villas (five bedrooms on a 1000m2 plot) in the Tafira suburb of Las Palmas sell at around the million-euro mark.

If you are in the market for a renovation project, there are plenty of large Las Palmas properties that need modernisation. Most are in the old part of town but large doer-uppers do come onto the market in the Port District.

High-end south Gran Canaria property

Luxury property prices in south Gran Canaria are fairly high because there aren’t all that many and local owners rarely sell.

A million-euro budget gets you a detached house or villa with pool and garden in south Gran Canaria but not on the beachfront or right by the coast. The very limited amount of luxury seafront property in south Gran Canaria sells for premium prices.

A million euros buys you a semi-detached luxury villa in Meloneras, or a detached villa inland in San Fernando or Sonnenland. You still get the sea view, but not the sea breeze.

In the San Agustín area, seven figures buys you a detached villa with pool and a good sea view but not a large plot of land around the property.

In the Mogán area, a million euros buys you a detached house with swimming pool on a luxury estate such as Loma II in Arguineguín.

High-end Gran Canaria property

Outside Las Palmas city and the main resorts in south Gran Canaria, a seven-figure budget gets you a detached house or even a country mansion with plenty of land and complete privacy.

The main concern with buying luxury property in rural areas of Gran Canaria is what you can do to the property.

For example, many rural areas are protected inside reserves and parks and the rules are strict. Changes, like adding a swimming pool or extending a rural property, need to be researched in advance.

Read this article for a guide to the main luxury property zones in Gran Canaria.

High-end property in Gran Canaria: A discreet affair

Canarians tend to be quite discreet about selling their property and this is especially true at the luxury end of the market. Many families and businesspeople prefer not to have their property advertised publically for privacy and security reasons.

This can make finding luxury property in Gran Canaria a complicated affair but it is just how things work. Finding the right luxury property is often as much about who you know as what you know.

And it’s why working with an experienced Gran Canaria property finder is a good idea. You need someone who looks out for your interests from the start and understands exactly what you want.

Buying a high-end Gran Canaria property

Am I the only estate agent in Gran Canaria who can work with you to find and buy what you want?

No, but I am a RE/MAX Collection agent specialising in high-end Gran Canaria property. I have the local experience and contacts to help you find and buy your ideal Gran Canaria property.

I am always available to advise you on finding and buying the right luxury property in Gran Canaria. Please feel free to call or email me at any time.

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