A Las Palmas Property Finder Saves Time And Hassle

Using a Las Palmas property finder has huge benefits

Using a Las Palmas property finder save you time and hassle

There are two ways to find the right property in Las Palmas. 

Either you contact every agent with an interesting property and arrange to view them all.

Or let a Las Palmas property finder do the hard work of contacting other agents and arranging viewings.

The second option saves you time and hassle because of how the city’s property market works.

How the Las Palmas property market works

Each estate agent in Las Palmas has a portfolio of properties and does their best to find buyers.

They advertise online and with flyers and signs and also put them into the city’s shared database. If another agent’s client buys the property, they split the commission.

The system works well as agents can show their clients almost every for-sale property in the city.

As long, of course, as they work for a quality agency connected to the database.

However, agents make the most money selling a property in their own portfolio to a client that come straight to them.

So most won’t work with other agents if they’ve already heard from a buyer. They regard the client as their own.

Now, there’s no problem working with lots of agents if you have the time and language skills. But if like most buyers, you are short of time and don’t speak fluent Spanish, it’s a pain.

It’s much easier to work with one property finder and independent representative.

Benefits of using a property finder

It’s free

Sellers pay the property sale commission in Gran Canaria. This means that using a Las Palmas property finder is free for buyers.

You get quality service

A property finder dedicates their time to finding the best options as they earn a commission if you buy.

If you work with many agents, each tries to sell you the properties in their portfolio. But they won’t look for others in case you have already been in touch.

You save time and hassle

A single contact means you explain what you want once. And one person handles all you viewings, negotiations and paperwork.

You get independent advice

Using a single agent allows them to offer you quality advice as they want you to find the right property and buy it.

If you use many agents, each one is only interested in getting you to buy their properties.

Saves money

Use a quality agent as a property finder and you get independent advice about value.  You know what a property is worth, rather than what the owner thinks it is worth.

Experience counts

Every property deal is different and there’s often an enexpected twist. Having an experienced property finder with you means that you can solve any problem that comes up.

Choosing a good Las Palmas property finder

Using a property finder requires trust so make sure you pick a good one. You need someone who …

  • Speaks your language and Spanish.
  • Has detailed knowledge of the city and its property zones.
  • Has access to the shared property database.
  • Is open and honest with you at all times.

The pitch

As an estate agent for RE/MAX Cony Overseas, one of the city’s oldest and best-regarded estate agencies, I work as a Las Palmas property finder for clients from all over the world.

I can show you almost any for-sale property in the city and offer a complete service during the whole buying process.

Contact me for more information and I’ll be in touch straight away.

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