Las Canteras Beachfront Property: How Much Is It Worth?

Beachfront property along Las Canteras beach is in its own price bracket and often hard to value accurately without detailed knowledge.

This is due to several factors.

  1. Las Canteras property doesn’t come onto the market that often because beachfront owners tend to hold on to their apartments for a long time.
  2. Many are owned by non-residents who earn a rental income as well as using them for holidays.
  3. They have significant intangible valuation factors such as the desirability of the outdoor space.

The key to accurate beachfront property valuation is tracking how valuations have evolved over time and a detailed idea of the factors that affect demand and valuations.

What is a Las Canteras apartment worth?

The baseline value of a ‘regular’ beachfront apartment in Las Palmas is currently around 6000 euros per square metre.

By regular I mean an apartment that is in good condition with modern electricity and water installations and has a balcony or covered terrace with a direct beach view.

Of course, every beachfront property has its unique features and the valuation has to take them into account. An uncovered terrace, large bedrooms, square shape and parking place add to the value.

On the other hand, if a beachfront apartment needs significant modernisation, buyers tend to factor in the investment needed (at least 500 euros per square metre) when they offer.

It’s also worth noting that beachfront property at the southern end of the beach is in less demand because most beachfront buyers want that view of the golden sand and the palm trees. The north tip is also more sheltered.

None of this applies of course if you are a surfer; see what I mean about local details?

What is a Las Canteras penthouse apartment worth?

The rarity of penthouse apartments along the Las Canteras beachfront, plus their high desirability, pushes their value up considerably.

Prices start at 6000 euros per square metre but can go up to over 8000 per metre for a fully renovated apartment with a large, uncovered terrace.

The value of top floor and penthouse apartments at Las Canteras is subjective and needs careful analysis. Each one has to be assessed on its merits and detailed knowledge of the market is essential to get the price right.

Does a Holiday Let license increase a beachfront property’s value?

Las Canteras beachfront properties are not the best holiday rental investments from a yield point of view. This is because the premium rental rate you can charge for a beachfront apartment doesn’t compensate for the high purchase price.

If you plan to buy a holiday rental apartment in Las Palmas it is almost always better to buy a property close to the beach rather than right on the beachfront. The price per square metre is much lower and the yield higher.

That said if you want a beachfront property as a holiday home, renting it during empty periods still generates a useful income.

As for value, a holiday let license isn’t a big factor for most buyers because they choose the beachfront for lifestyle reasons rather than for investment returns.

Selling a Las Canteras beachfront property?

If you plan to sell a Las Canteras property, please get in touch for a free assessment and valuation. I’m one of the city’s best performing estate agents and have detailed local knowledge about the factors that affect beachfront valuations.

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