Las Canteras Beachfront: Property Price Guide

The Las Canteras beachfront is Gran Canaria’s most popular and expensive property area and front-line prices start at around 3500-4000 euros per square metre.

Demand from local, Spanish and foreign buyers is high and supply is tight; Good properties on the beachfront don’t come up often and sell fast.

Prices start at 3500 euros per square metre for a property with a beach view but little or no outside space and worked needed to bring it up to modern standards. Apartments and penthouses with large terraces or balconies command a premium, as do apartments with large bedrooms.

However, since you are paying a premium for the view, smaller beachfront properties tend to be more expensive per square metre than the base 3500 euros per square metre.

Quality beachfront properties with large windows, a square shape and ample outdoor space sell for 5000 euros per square metre and above.

The truth is that demand is so high and supply so limited (nobody seems to want to sell their beachfront Las Canteras property) that pricing depends largely on the specs and quality of each property. Factors such as parking, lift, outside space, bedroom size, layout, terrace specs, etc. all affect the final price.

The recent increase in legal holiday rental properties on and around the beachfront has also affected the supply of Las Canteras property.

Given the limited supply and complexities of front-line pricing, we’d advise everyone looking for a Las Canteras property to use a quality estate agent of property finder. We walk the beachfront every week looking for new property signs, know most of the doormen, and monitor a dozen Spanish portals so we know virtually all of the front-line properties on the market.

If you want to own a property on the beachfront, please let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you the list of the latest properties on the market. 

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