Las Palmas Des Res: The Las Canteras Beachfront

Canteras Beach viewed from the promenade.The front line of Las Canteras beach is the most desireable and the most expensive property zone in Las Palmas and it’s easy to see why. With the vast Las Canteras beach right on your doorstep, dozens of cafes and restaurant to choose from, and all shops and conveniences of the city within walking distance, this is great place to own a home or a holiday place.

Prices in this zone start at over 3500 euros per square metre for an apartment with a terrace and sea views but supply is limited (owners don’t seem to want to sell very often) and demand for good property is high. There are currently properties on sale on the Las Canteras beachfront priced from 3500 euros per square metre up to 10,000 epsm (including an original Monet).

As a rule, small properties tend to be more expensive per square metre (you still get the view) and those with quality outside space also command a premium.

The Las Canteras beachfront is an area where it is worth having a reliable local agent monitoring the market for you. Good properties sell fast and pricing variable.

Here’s a detailed guide to the property zones that make up 3.5 km Las Canteras beachfront.

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