Las Palmas Property Guide: Upmarket Property In Tafira


Guide to the Tafira area and its property market

Guide to the Tafira area and its property market

Tafira, just inland of Las Palmas city, is a desirable area for both locals and foreign residents. While it’s outside the city limits, the whole area is within the Las Palmas municipality. It is a whole different world from the bustle of the capital. 

Tafira stretches out along the route of the old main road between Las Palmas and the highland towns of Santa Brigida and San Mateo. It now has a bypass so it is only 10 minutes drive away from Las Palmas.

It’s divided into two main areas…

Tafira Baja and Tafira Alta

Tafira Baja, home to the island’s university and Botanical Garden, is a small, suburban area that merges with the modern El Fondillo village and is close to the rather smart El Zurbarán housing estate right by the campus. Another area of Tafira Baja is Monteluz; a cluster of large villas set on a hillside overlooking the university.

Outside the old core of Tafira Baja and El Fondillo, most property in Tafira Baja is detached or semi-detached villas with gardens. There are also some old farmhouses, townhouses, and a few apartment buildings.

Tafira Alta, at an altitude of around 400 metres, has a church and a Plaza (with wine bar) but is really a large housing estate. Its villas and houses are set in walled gardens.

Benefits and disadvantages of property in Tafira

The major benefits of property in Tafira are its proximity to Las Palmas, the fact that it has lots of proper houses with gardens, the rural surroundings, and the quiet atmosphere. At 250-400 metres above sea level, Tafira is also low enough to remain warm throughout the year.

The major downside to buying a property in Tafira Alta is that it lacks a town centre. It feels more like a large housing estate than it does an actual town with just a couple of bars and restaurants and supermarket along the road. Tafira Baja however, has its own plaza, supermarkets, bars and restaurants.

That said, you are only a few minutes drive or bus ride from the bars and restaurants at Monte Lentiscal. Tafira is also well connected to Las Palmas via local buses and roads.

The Tafira property market and prices

Property in Tafira tends to be expensive as most properties are large. Demand from people working in Las Palmas city and in the university keeps prices high.

Houses and rare flats are between 1500 and 2000 euros per square metre. Large mansion-style villas with gardens are (optimistically) on the market for 5000+ euros per square metre. Property values vary considerably in the area as it is a diverse area. Please take good advice when buying or selling in Tafira.

Rental property in Tafira is hard to find as lots of flats in El Fondillo as owners rent rooms to students and houses to university workers.

Tafira is an excellent option for anyone looking for a house or villa close to Las Palmas. 

Infographic guide to the Tafira property area on the outskirts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city

Tafira property information

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