Las Palmas Property Guide: Ocean Views From Avenida Marítima Property

The strip of east-facing apartment blocks along the east coast of Las Palmas city, known as the Avenida Marítima, extends from Triana in the south to Mesa y Lopez in the north. Ocean-facing property on the high floors is highly desirable thanks to the views and their large sizes.

Benefits and disadvantages of Avenida Marítima property

The views of the ocean, port and sunrise from the east-facing facades of Avenida Marítima buildings are superb and most properties here have panoramic city views. Lower properties (below the fifth floor) need sound-proof windows to cancel out the traffic noise from the Avenida Marítima road which runs along the seafront.

Properties along the Avenida tend to be large and well distributed with store rooms and garage spaces although few have large outdoor spaces.

The area stretches all the way from Alcaravaneras to the south end of Triana so local facilities vary. However, the whole of the Avenida Marítima is well connected to local transport and the city’s roads. There is no local community so to speak because this luxury property zone is literally one building thick. Most buildings have security and a concierge.

Access to the seafront can be a pain as you have to walk or cycle to the nearest underpass.

The Avenida Marítima property market and prices

Demand for property along the strip varies considerable. The most popular buildings are in the central and southern part of the Avenida Marítima. Within these, east facing apartments on the highest floors are the most sought after as they are quietest with the best views. Property prices on the Avenida Marítima strip start at 2000 euros per metre and can reach double this figure for the most sought after apartments and penthouses. Smaller apartments are worth more per square metre than large ones.

Because many properties here are large with substantial prices, movement can be slower than in the Puerto and Las Canteras property zones. As always, quality photography and video, along with extensive marketing to both local and international buyers is the best way to sell an Avenida Marítima property.

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Guide to the Avenida Marítima property zone is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city

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