Las Palmas Property Guide: Upmarket and Aspirational La Minilla Property

The suburb of La Minilla is amongst the most desirable property areas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city, especially amongst professionals and affluent families.

With views out over the ocean, large modern apartments and green spaces La Minilla feels like a different world. However, it is just 10 minutes walk from Las Canteras beach.

Benefits and disadvantages of property in La Minilla

La Minilla sits on a hill just south of Guanarteme and the Puerto district of Las Palmas and to the east of Alcaravaneras. It is high enough to catch the breeze and escape the Las Palmas traffic noise but close enough to downtown to be convenient. It has supermarkets and a small but upmarket shopping centre.

While La Minilla’s streets can be busy during rush hour (did I mention all those professionals) it is a quiet area with few security issues.

The apartment blocks, condominiums and villas in La Minilla were built from the late 1990s. They tend to be well constructed and in good condition. Many La Minilla properties, and especially the penthouse apartments, have sea views. Others look out over the Port and Puerto District. Most come with an underground car parking space and even a storeroom.

Each La Minilla block or complex is effectively a gated community. Many have a concierge, garden areas, swimming pool and children’s play park.

One minor disadvantage of La Minilla is that it is uphill from the main city. Most residents use their cars to move around the city. However, Las Palmas’ growing bicycle lane network and shared bike scheme makes if more accessible for cyclists.

The La Minilla property market and prices

Property in La Minilla starts at around 2200 euros per square metre. That’s for small apartments on low floors with little outside space or in buildings with few amenities. Prices per metre rise depending on the location and desirability of the building, the location, and the actual property.

In early 2021 La Minilla villas start at around 600K and rise to over 1.5 million euros with good-sized penthouse apartments starting at 450K. You can find one-bedroom apartments in La Minilla at 125K in buildings on the fringes of the property area.

La Minilla is an aspirational area for locals and popular with foreign buyers. Well-priced property here tends to sell fast.

La Minilla property area guide by Las Palmas de Gran Canaria estate agent Laura Leyshon

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