Is Las Palmas Tourist Rental Allowed?

Property prices rising in high-demand Gran Canaria areas

Property prices rising in high-demand Gran Canaria areas

If you own a property in the city, you’ve probably heard that short-term Las Palmas tourist rental it is now legal. 

Gran Canaria tourist rental laws

The law about touristic rentals of private property changed in May 2015.

It is now legal to rent out residential property to tourists on a short-term basis provided that they are not in a resort area. But it is illegal to rent property in tourist resorts to tourists.

This has been compared to allowing beach parasol rentals, but only in the mountains.

However, as Las Palmas is a residential area, it is now legal to rent your city property on a short-term basis provided that you follow the rules.

Read the whole tourist rental law (in Spanish) here.

And here is the holiday rental form you need to take to the Patronato de Turismo (Tourist Board) to get a tourist rental license.

Las Palmas tourist rental rules

To rent a Las Palmas property to tourists, you need permission from the Patronato de Turismo (the island’s tourist board). To get this you must provide a detailed description of the property and its cedula  de habitabilidad (a certificate that shows that a property is fit to live in).

You then  wait 15 days and receive a license number and  blue plaque that goes by the front door. You also have to promise to advertise your property honestly.

Las Palmas tourist rental services

Renting your property to tourists on a short-term basis can be lucrative but it’s also labour intensive compared to long-term rentals.

A property has to be advertised in several languages, enquiries and bookings handled promptly, and keys handed over at all times of day (and night). Between visits, the property has to be cleaned and the laundry taken care of.

While many owners handle bookings and keys for their own rental property, it’s difficult if you work and impossible if you don’t live in Las Palmas. In these cases, you need someone in Las Palmas to handle your tourist rental.

Tourist rental agents charge anything from 20% to 35% depending on the level of service that they offer. Some just handle bookings and keys while others offer a full range of services that includes cleaning, laundry and maintenance.

Las Palmas Property offers a complete tourist rental service to property owners in the city. Please  contact us if you’d like to discuss renting out your Las Palmas apartment to tourists. 

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