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Laura Leyshon is an experienced Las Palmas de Gran Canaria estate agent

I got an email today inviting me to advertise in an international real estate magazine.

It is all about hyper-luxury property and full of beautiful photos of beautiful villas and penthouses, and articles about electric supercars, health retreats and lakeside living.

Every paragraph has a phrase like “experience the unparalleled embodiment of luxurious living”.

I was invited to advertise and gain access to “a pool (an infinity pool?) of affluent house hunters seeking luxury property the world over”.

The implication is that the readers of the magazine choose a property, an “opulent masterpiece of contemporary architectural design” to live in, rather than a place.

That luxury is location independent and that this is something to aspire to.

The magazine is, in summary, absolutely not about Las Palmas or Gran Canaria property.

There are no gated luxury communities here where you can tuck yourself away and live separate from real life. No villas with private beaches, or exclusive superyacht marinas.

In fact, there really is no way of avoiding the fact that you are living in Gran Canaria when you are, in fact, living in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria is a real place with real character; too alive, too real, to ever just be the lump of land your deluxe villa happens to sit on.

To live here, to be happy here, you first have to choose the island, then look for the right property.

So, I don’t think I’ll be advertising in the luxury property magazine. I did quite like the sound of a week in the holistic healing centre in Mykonos featured on page 43. However, it is electric and magnetic field free so no mobile phones allowed. That just isn’t going to work with my bio rhythms.

I’m Laura Leyshon, a specialist Las Palmas estate agent with ten years of experience in the market. If you’ve decided that Gran Canaria is the place for you to buy a property, I’d love to be there to help you through the process. 

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