Mesa y Lopez: Big Properties, Great Shopping And No Traffic Noise!

Mesa y Lopez

Mesa y Lopez, along with Triana, was Las Palmas’ main shopping area before the modern shopping centres opened.

Nowadays it is still home to the city’s El Corte Inglés department store as well as a great range of fashion stores.

Mesa y Lopez is a long street that runs east to west from the military base in the port almost all the way to Las Canteras beach. The eastern half, between the Plaza de España (Plaza de la Victoria) and the Military Base has now been pedestrianized. This makes a huge difference because this part of Mesa y Lopez was rather noisy. Now, birdsong has replaced traffic noise and the area is much more attractive to property buyers.

This east end of the street is the poshest area with most of the quality property; you get huge apartments with big windows in Mesa y Lopez and many buildings have interior plazas with playgrounds, and underground parking. The west end of the street still has traffic but is wider and not as noisy. Prices here are lower.

Mesa y Lopez property tends to be large and well built even though many buildings are over 30 years old. It is popular with professional families and will only get more popular now that it is quiet.

Long term, Las Palmas city plants to extend Mesa y Lopez through Guanarteme barrio all the way to Las Arenas and the Auditorium so there will be new build opportunities (although there is no official start date for the project). The city also wants, in the long term, to take back the Naval Base and turn it into a public space. This would give Mesa y Lopez an outlet to the sea and make it even more attractive.

Since Mesa y Lopez is great for shopping, convenient for the port and the road to the south and the airport, and within easy walking distance of Las Canteras beach, it’s a popular property area in Las Palmas. Prices, however, are not as high as you would expect and there are good value large properties on the market.

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