Moving To Las Palmas: Really Useful Resources

Useful web resources for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria residents

Useful web resources for Las Palmas residents

Here’s the list of useful websites that I always recommend to people moving to Las Palmas. 

Las Palmas events

The LPA Info Facebook group publishes a great range of local and expat events in Las Palmas.

La Brujula is an excellent Spanish resource for local Las Palmas events.

Property rental

Most residential property in Las Palmas is handled by estate agencies and they all advertise their properties on, (which was, and

If you are looking for shorter-term rentals, then check AirBnB, or talk to Laura from La Casita de Laura. Laura also offers immersive Spanish courses.

Language Exchanges and learning Spanish

For quality Spanish lessons contact La Casita de Laura.

The best way to give your Spanish language skills a boost is with the LEG: Gran Canaria’s best language exchange network. Their free and informal events let you get to meet locals and other foreign residents and practise your Spanish.

Follow them on Facebook here.

Las Palmas’ official language school is a good option if you have time to learn Spanish every day.

Finding a job

Lots of companies advertise their jobs online and in Facebook groups. Jobs & Help GC, Gran Canaria Jobs, and Jobs Wanted & Offered in Gran Canaria are good places to look. Teachers should also check English Teaching Jobs In Gran Canaria.

Read this or more info on finding a job in Gran Canaria.

If you’re looking for office space, consider renting a room or a desk at a coworking site like The House (Triana) or CoWorkingC (Port district).

Doctors & chemists

You can book appointments with the health service online, but it’s much easier to call 012.

To find the nearest open chemists at the weekend or during a fiesta, see this website.

Gran Canaria Info

Gran Canaria’s most read and most useful English website has an excellent guide to every Gran Canaria beach. Its Top Ten section is an excellent introduction to the highlights of Gran Canaria. It also has a section for Gran Canaria residents.

Read my guide to Las Palmas’ property areas on Gran Canaria Info.

The weather

El Tiempo has a reliable(ish) long-range weather forecast, and the Spanish Weather Service (AEMET) issues accurate weather alerts and dust forecasts.

Gran Canaria Info publishes a regular and reliable Gran Canaria weather forecast.

Local news

The Canary News is Gran Canaria’s local paper in English and its website is updated most days. Canarias 7 covers local events in Spanish and is free online, while La Provincia is a better read but charges 35 euros per year for a digital subscription.

Checking the beach and the surf

The excellent local website Mi Playa de Las Canteras has four webcams along the beach that let you check the tide, weather, and surf at any time.

If as Palmas is cloudy and you want to know where to go for the sunshine, check out Gran Canaria Info’s webcam page.

Tráfico for fines and driving licenses

It’s almost impossible these days to turn up and do anything at tráfico without an appointment. For example, you need a cita previa to renew or modify a driving license or appeal a traffic fine.

Here’s where you go to book a cita previa.

You can (surprise surprise) pay your Las Palmas traffic fines online.

Ayuntamiento for town hall issues

The same applies to anything you need to do at the ayuntamiento. Book a cita previa with the Las Palmas town hall here.

If you want a certificate that entitles you to the 50% discount for travel, you don’t have to go to the ayuntamiento because you can order your ‘certificado de residencia para bonificación de viajes’ online.

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