Top Reasons to Live in Las Palmas: The Beaches

Gran Canaria's beaches are one of the best reasons to live on the island.

Las Canteras Beach in Gran Canaria

There are countless good reasons to live here, but we and a large majority of expats have decided to make this sunny isle our home mainly because of many stunning beaches in Gran Canaria.

There are 82 beaches in Gran Canaria and, depending on taste, there is something for everyone. Gran Canaria’s beaches are as varied as they are beautiful. From the golden sand beaches of the resorts and the capital, to the more rugged black sand beaches of the north coast. Whether you like deserted or jam-packed, sunbathing naked or leaving a little more to the imagination, Gran Canaria has a beach for even the fussiest expat.

One thing that all of Gran Canaria’s beaches have in common is that they are all clean and safe. No worries here about shark attacks or your bag being snatched while you have your afternoon siesta on the warm sand!

Having lived on the island myself for nearly ten years, I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t even visited half of the beaches in Gran Canaria. That’s not to say I haven’t had a good go!

Out of all of the beaches here, my favourite is twenty metres from my front door; Las Canteras beach. Las Canteras is a three-kilometre stretch of sand ranging from the black volcanic to almost white depending on which end you’re at. Because of the offshore reef, Las Canteras is a nature reserve and excellent for snorkelling. You can learn to surf in one of the number of surf schools near the auditorium, or if you have children and prefer calmer waters like me, you can swim safely at the north end of the beach.

There is a promenade the entire length of the beach, with bars and restaurants the whole way. What better way to spend a Sunday than a day on the beach followed by a plate of hot calamares and a glass of cold beer brewed on the island?

The beaches in Gran Canaria are the reason why most people come and why many people stay. You can enjoy the beaches here throughout the whole year, even in midwinter, thanks to the island’s exceptional weather. With an average of three thousand hours of sunshine a year, what better reason is there to make somewhere your home!

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