Santa Catalina: A Square Property Zone By The Beach

Santa Catalina Square is the largest square in the El Puerto district of Las Palmas and is a popular place with foreign visitors.

While it is surrounded by El Puerto, this area is often treated as a separate zone by estate agencies in Las Palmas. That’s because the square, and its surrounding pedestrian streets, give it an atmosphere of its own.

Property in Santa Catalina is almost all apartment blocks. There are a couple of buildings with rooftop swimming pools and some fantastic penthouses with terraces and views.

Santa Catalina is an area on the up as it is the arrival zone for the 1.2 million cruise ship passengers that visit Las Palmas every winter. So far, the square itself has been much improved and Luis Morote Street running past the square down to Las Canteras beach has been pedestrianized.

When considering Santa Catalina, please bear in mind that the city’s carnival is focused in the square so the area is busy and noisy during February. For the rest of the year, it’s the same as the rest of El Puerto.

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