Do Not Sell Your Las Canteras Beachfront Property (Until)

Laura Leyshon is an experienced Las Palmas de Gran Canaria estate agent

As a specialist luxury and beachfront estate agent in Las Palmas I have two bits of advice for anyone thinking about selling Las Canteras property…

The first is “Don’t do it!”

The second is “Until you’ve spoken to a specialist beachfront estate agent about the sale price”.

Talking to a specialist is essential because the Las Canteras beachfront is a separate property market within Las Palmas city. Standard property valuation and viewing rules do not apply because there is nothing standard about the front line.

Getting Las Canteras property valuation right is an art

Most property in Las Palmas is easy to value. You just take the average price per square metre of property in the local area and fine tune it. About ten factors, such as the condition of the property and the building, the orientation, layout, presence of outside space, lift access, etc, push the value up or down by about 10%. There isn’t really much more to it and the estate agent’s main job is getting the sale to completion after an offer comes in.

However, beachfront property along Las Canteras is a different beast altogether. The price per square metre varies from between 5000 euros and 10,000 euros per square metre and a huge number of factors influence the value that each buyer places on the property. For example…

  • Does the property have outside roof space, a beachfront terrace, or an open terrace?
  • Does the property have a bedroom with a beachfront view?
  • Are the divisions between adjoining properties in the building solid?
  • How does walking through the front door make you feel?
  • Does the building comunidad allow window modifications?
  • Is the property at the surf end of the beach?
  • What floor is the property on?
  • Can you get a VV license in the building? 
  • Can a closed-in terrace be recovered (it is against building code regulations to enclose a beachfront terrace in Las Palmas)

As you can see, these factors are highly subjective. This is each potential beachfront buyer has their own list of wants and needs when it comes to a Las Canteras property. For example, I have a Spanish buyer waiting for a three-bedroom beachfront property with no outside space, and a Norwegian client looking for three-bedrooms and a top-floor open terrace. I also know of buyers who have been waiting for years for property in a specific building to come up for sale.

The truth is that almost everyone who buy on the Las Canteras beachfront has to compromise somewhere because of the limited number of properties that come up for sale. This means that everyone who buys wants to negotiate the price and that the selling agent has to know their stuff.

Following up with confidence and negotiation skills

On the beachfront you can’t just do room-by-room tours then stand back and wait for the property to sell itself. You have to actively engage with each potential buyer, find out exactly what they want and where they are willing to compromise. You need to understand their worries and have answers to all their questions. And, most importantly, you need really good negotiating skills and the confidence to stand by the listing price.

In summary, to sell beachfront property in Las Palmas at the right price, you need an estate agent with experience and personality.

Laura Leyshon: Las Canteras specialist

My name is Laura Leyshon and I’ve listed and sold more beachfront properties and penthouses in Las Palmas than any other local estate agent.

Over the past 10 years I’ve sold dozens of  Las Canteras beachfront properties and penthouses. Most have come from personal recommendations from sellers happy with the service I offer AND the sale price achieved. I even run a BEACHWATCH service on Whatsapp that lists every Las Canteras property and my assessment of its sale price (see below).

If you plan on selling Las Canteras property, please get in touch for an accurate assessment of its market value.

BEACHWATCH: The Las Canteras beachfront property alert

As a Las Canteras property specialist I have a Whatsapp group called BEACHWATCH. It’s ideal for both buyers and sellers keen to monitor the Las Canteras property market.

All BEACHWATCH does is tell you when a new beachfront property or quality nearby penthouse comes onto the market. The message you get includes a brief summary of the property and my opinion about its sale price. I also send out brief summaries of local news that affects beachfront property owners. Things like new local building rules, law changes, etc. That’s it!

If you want more information about a listing in BEACHWATCH,  call or message me and I’ll be in touch asap.

To join BEACHWATCH, please just fill in this form with your name and the number you use for WhatsApp. You won’t get calls at all, and all messages will be alerts about new Las Canteras property. You can leave the group at any time. 


To join BEACHWATCH and receive alerts about new beachfront property and quality penthouses in Las Palmas, just fill in this form...

Please provide the mobile number you use for WhatsApp

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