Tips For Selling A Las Palmas Property: Quality Photography Counts


The single most important thing you can do to boost your chance of selling a Las Palmas property fast and at a good price is to list it online with quality photos.

With the Las Palmas property market moving fast, making sure that all potential buyers view your property is essential. Since most buyers (and agents representing buyers) search for Las Palmas property online, it’s essential to show off your apartment with bright, well-composed photos.

You can’t overestimate the importance of generating a good initial feeling about your property: Good real estate photography increases the number of viewings you get by up to 40%.

Here are seven tips for taking quality photos of your property, written by professional photographer Alex Bramwell (who does all my property photography).

  • Declutter each room so that it looks as spacious and inviting as possible:

Buyers want to see the property as it would look when they own it. So, remove most personal ornaments before you take the photographs. In the kitchen, put all dishes and cleaning products away. In the bathroom, clear all products from the shelves and put the toilet seat down.

  • Make your photographs as bright as possible.

Switch on all the lights in a room and open the curtains (and the windows if they have polarised glass). Don’t worry if this means that the windows look completely white. Bright rooms look bigger and more inviting. Dark rooms look small and pokey even if they aren’t.

  • Highlight the main lifestyle features of the property so that buyers can imagine themselves living happily in the property.

Photograph the terrace on a sunny day, and show the dining and living areas looking neat and tidy. Add a bunch of flowers, a few pot plants, or a bowl of fruit. If you have a sunset view, make sure you get a good photograph of it.

  • Compose your photos carefully.

Stand as far back as possible. Try not to cut furniture in half when you frame a photo and make sure that your lines are straight rather than wonky. Avoid having people in your property photos.

  • Use a camera with a wide-angle lens rather than a mobile phone.

You can take good photographs of a property with a good mobile phone camera, but a wide-angle lens and some post-processing work really show off your property in the best light. If you have a camera flash, point it directly up at the ceiling to brighten the whole room.

If you do use a mobile phone to take your property photos, remember to take horizontal rather than vertical images. These look bigger on screens and are more pleasing to the eye.

  • Show the local area as well as the actual property.

Is there a square or a park nearby? Make sure that buyers see a good photo of it. Are you close to the beach or the sea? Show the section of coast closest to your apartment.

  • Take lots of photos.

Listings with more than ten photos get far more viewings that listings with one photo of each room. Aim for at least twenty quality photos to boost your chances of selling a Las Palmas property for its true value.

I’m Laura Leyshon and I’ve sold dozens of Las Palmas properties and can handle the entire process for you: Professional photos, getting your property listed on local and international portals, viewings, negotiations and the whole selling process.

If you’re thinking of selling a Las Palmas property, please feel free to contact me for a free assessment and valuation.

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