Selling Gran Canaria Property: The Hard Part Starts Once You Have A Buyer

]Laura Leyshon is an experienced Las Palmas de Gran Canaria estate agent

The hard part of selling a Gran Canaria property often isn’t finding a buyer; It’s making sure that the sale goes through successfully once an offer is accepted.  

The Gran Canaria property market at the moment remains in a healthy state (as of early 2023). Most properties attract plenty of interest and receive offers. Especially if they are well photographed, priced right and widely marketed.

However, many sales fall through because of delays, misunderstandings and other avoidable bureaucratic problems.

Even though Gran Canaria’s property laws are clear and the buying and selling process is safe, there are a lot of things to be done before everyone gathers at the notary on signing day.

For example, did you know that non-EU citizens need a certificate from the military in order to buy property in some areas of Las Palmas. It’s an old rule and getting the paperwork is a formality, but it still needs to be done or the notary won’t allow the transfer of ownership. New European consumer protection laws have made the process of buying with a mortgage longer (the dreaded FEIN).

Even though I help dozens of buyers and sellers every year in Gran Canaria, and I’ve yet to experience a straightforward sale. There is always something that comes up and needs to be solved. Common issues that can hold up or even ruin a sale include uncleared debts attached to the property (unpaid taxes or fines, unresolved community of owners payments, etc), and delays to mortgage applications, .

Most of the problems that come up when selling a Gran Canaria property are nobody’s fault and can be solved if you know what to do.

That’s my job: To anticipate and resolve as many issues as possible in advance, and deal with anything that comes up at the last minute. I do all the work to make sure that your property sells without any hitches.

My name is Laura and I help foreign sellers and buyers in Las Palmas and anywhere else in Gran Canaria. I’m always available for a chat if you are interested in Gran Canaria property

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