Selling Luxury Gran Canaria Property: Beyond The Basics

There are main two parts to the process of selling luxury Gran Canaria property. The first is getting the basics right. 

By the basics, I mean quality pricing, photography, descriptions, marketing plan, etc.

Sounds obvious, but the luxury market in Gran Canaria isn’t that sophisticated and high-value properties are often sold the same way as standard apartments.

More about that later on…

First, let’s get to the important part of the agent’s job when marketing and selling luxury Gran Canaria property: Adding value to the process.

Value added service: Being the go-to agent

As a RE/MAX Collection agent with my own English-language website, I get daily inquiries from buyers. They want advice about Gran Canaria property and the island lifestyle.

Luxury property buyers think about more than just prices and square metres.

They want to know everything about the property; its history, the exclusive benefits that it offers, its quirks and special characteristics. They also need detailed information about the local area from their own perspective.

And, they need to know whether the island as a whole suits their lifestyle and meets their family’s needs.

Selling the Gran Canaria lifestyle

Many luxury property buyers are new to Gran Canaria and want lifestyle and practical information. Even those that move within the island need plenty of info about their new location.

Everything from information about international schools and swimming pool maintenance to the fine details that affect their daily lives.

Things like the best places to eat, shop, socialise and even get a haircut.

A big part of my job as a luxury estate agent is about providing as much relevant information as buyers need.

For example, here’s my guide to the main luxury property zones in Gran Canaria.

And here’s my guide to the Gran Canaria’s international schools and education system.

I’ve even published a Kindle book with a complete guide to relocating to Gran Canaria.

As a British agent who’s been living in Gran Canaria for 15 years, I’m in an excellent position to provide this added value to luxury property buyers.

I help from the moment they get in touch until they are happily settled into island life. It’s the level of service that they expect from their estate agent.

Getting the basics right

Now, back to the nitty-gritty of selling high-end Gran Canaria property:

It’s about getting the details right in every aspect of the process.

Quality professional photography and video of the property

This may seem almost too basic to mention, but many beautiful properties in Spain and the Canary Islands are still advertised with mobile phone photos, shaky, hand-held video, and basic written descriptions.

I use a professional photographer for all the Gran Canaria properties I list and also do a walk-through video tour that shows potential buyers exactly what a property looks and feels like.

A luxury property needs more than just a description of its rooms and features; each one has its own personality that makes it stand out and get the attention it deserves.

Each one has a story to be told with photos, videos and words.

Drawing up floor plans

A large number of luxury property buyers in the Canary Islands reside abroad and they want to know exactly what they are flying out to see. Professional plans help buyers to visualise your property and increases interest and viewings.

If a property doesn’t have existing plans, I get them made as part of the service.

Getting all the paperwork together

So many property sales get held up because there is a document missing at the last minute. The only way to avoid this is to get the paperwork together straight away rather than waiting until you have an interested buyer.

This sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed how many times I’ve had to scramble at the last minute because someone else hasn’t got their documents together on time for a signing.

Local, national and international advertising

To sell any property you need to make sure that it is advertised as widely as possible, both online and within the local market. For luxury Gran Canaria property, buyers come from all over Europe as well as from the Canary Islands and Mainland Spain.

It’s therefore vital to make sure that the marketing plan reaches all potential markets and buyers.

Local: I reach local buyers by listing in the island’s shared property database. This is used by all of the island’s professional agencies.

Gran Canaria’s agency system works well and it’s vital to choose an agent that gets your property into the system and knows how to use it.

As a professional agent, I’m only ever a phone call away from almost all of the island’s active luxury property buyers.

National: For the national market, I list every property on 15 Spanish portals, focusing on the ones that display their property in an attractive way.

International: As well as the RE/MAX website, all my luxury listings go on the Collection Portal: A specialist, global luxury property portal.

Pricing the property right

An accurate market price is vital in the Gran Canaria luxury market as the buyer pool isn’t as deep as it is in the Med or the Balearics.

Finding the right price requires an in-depth market analysis that looks at both comparable properties on the market and similar properties that have sold. This information isn’t readily available so a lot of the information comes from getting on the phone and talking to other estate agents.

It’s another advantage of using the island’s property database; I can call up any quality agency on the island and get the latest pricing information.

Selling a luxury Gran Canaria property

I’m Laura Leyshon and I’m Gran Canaria’s native-English Collection agent specialising in luxury property. If you plan to sell a high-end property in Gran Canaria, I have the local network and international reach to get your property sold promptly and for the right price.

For a free consultation about your property, just contact me or give me a call.

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