Vegueta: Unchanged Since Columbus Left Town

Vegueta Old Town and cathedral

Vegueta Old Town and cathedral

Vegueta is the original Las Palmas and its layout and many of its original buildings date back to the 15th and 16th Centuries.

Christopher Columbus himself spent three months in Vegueta (waiting for a rudder to come from Spain after his reluctant crew sabotaged the original). Even earlier in its history, Vegueta was attacked by the original Canarii inhabitants.

These days Vegueta gets bus-loads of day trippers every morning and is a popular tapas spot amongst the locals, especially on Thursday nights, but is largely peaceful.

With cobbled streets, lots of wooden balconies and big old houses with huge door and high ceilings, Vegueta is a popular place to search for a character property. Most houses here are large and have big interior courtyards and roof terraces, although some have been divided into smaller flats.

An additional advantage of owning  period property in Vegueta is that many are protected by law and you don’t have to pay the annual IBI Tax.

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