Want Every Estate Agent In Las Palmas To Sell Your Property?

When you sell a Las Palmas property, you want as many of Gran Canaria’s estate agents as possible to work hard to find a buyer.

Laura Leyshon, leading Gran Canaria estate agent from from Las Palmas property

I’ve got great news: It’s easy to do:

First, you choose the best estate agent you can find.

Then, you sign an exclusive marketing contract.

Exclusivity? But I want every agent to sell my property?

That’s exactly what an exclusive marketing agreement guarantees.

Exclusivity is a win-win for agent and seller

With an exclusive marketing agreement, your chosen agent knows that they can invest time and effort into your property because they know they’ll earn a commission when it sells.

The more work they do, the more likely they are to find a buyer and get paid.

If they don’t find a buyer, they get nothing.

So, agents with exclusive marketing rights work hard to get results.

  • They use high-quality photos
  • They list the property on as many portals and websites as possible
  • They pay to promote internationally
  • They list it in the MLS database so that every quality agency in Las Palmas can show it to their buyers

Yes, you read that last one right!

By giving one agent an exclusive marketing contract, you make sure that every agent in the city sells it. 


Because it goes into the MLS database used by all the city’s quality agencies. Every agent in the city can see it, and offer it to their buyers.

And they do!

Because if they find a buyer for another agent’s exclusive property, they share the commission.

Again, it’s a win-win situation.

Doesn’t exclusivity limit my property’s exposure?

No, it’s the other way round.

Exclusivity only means that one agent is in charge of marketing your property.

But, because they list it in the shared database, every agent in the city can sell the property.

And because exclusive agents invest the time to get it onto lots of national and international portals, it is seen by the maximum possible number of buyers.

And that’s how you sell a property at a good price.

Quality marketing = Maximum exposure = High buyer interest = Sale at good price

What if I don’t sign an exclusive contract?

I’m convinced that exclusive marketing is the best way to sell a property in Las Palmas at a good market price. Years of experience tell me that properties marketed properly sell faster and at a better price.

If you don’t give one agent the right to market a property, nobody puts in the hours to do the marketing.

  • Nobody will invest the time and money to take quality photographs
  • Or to list it on a wide range of real estate portals and websites
  • It won’t go into the shared database so many agents and buyers won’t even know it’s for sale
  • You’ll be contacted by lots of agents, but none of them will be accountable

And you risk it sitting on the market without selling.

Once that happens, buyers start to wonder why it hasn’t sold. Is it overpriced? Is there a problem with it?

And then you start to get low-ball offers.

No marketing = Minimal exposure = Low interest = Low-ball offers / No sale

Good agents love exclusive marketing

Good agents love the exclusive marketing system

Because they can invest their time and effort to do the best job for their clients.

Because they get paid for doing a good job.

And, most of all, because it works!

I’m Laura Leyshon and I’m Las Palmas’ resident estate agent. If you have any questions about the Las Palmas Property market, or about how exclusive marketing works, please call or email me and I’ll answer straight away. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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